Pierfrancesco Fagiani
Pool Specialist COnsultant

Don't get me wrong, here's what I mean...

The “quality of the product” is perhaps the less important thing if you decide to buy a pool.

And even though you might be surprised, let me say that the goal of this article is to show you some important truths with all odds no one will ever tell you before you buy a pool.

After reading this list, you’ll get it better.

  1. Most of the products for your pool you can find out there have high-standards. So, unless someone wants to scam you with some ‘trash materials’ (and I know them), the quality of the products is usually similar.
  2. There are nor exclusively products nor special inventions. Actually, on the market you can find some special products fulfilling special needs. As we are professionals attending exhibitions and courses, of course we perfectly know what we are talking about and we will offer you those products if you have those special needs or desires.
  3. Even the most popular brand in the world goes all-in on prestige and on the brand itself and its history, not on the quality or the peculiarity of its products. If it occurs that you desire something we don’t sell, we will gently show you where to find it, to our competitors.
  4. The various supplier of this world operates mostly using a widespread distribution on the territory, offering no exclusively. This is an advantage for the client itself as, in 90% of the cases, the products for pools can be found everywhere. Ergo, 90% of the products we sell, with all odds, are also sold by our small competitors. Then it usually happens that the small firm doesn’t know all of them or doesn’t recommend them as he wants to keep the price as low as possible, but this is another story.

BE CAREFUL: what’s written above doesn’t mean that there are not relevant differences between the various materials and products.

Example: a valve produced by an Italian firm costs around 70 euro, while a valve with the same characteristics I’ll let you see first-hand in our showroom, whose difference you’ll notice by yourself, costs only 33 euro.

We can say that the key aspects of our world is exactly to perfectly understand the differences between the various materials and products you can find out there, having so a bigger vision above all.

Not for nothing our offers always include more expensive products and materials, as they actually are the best ones you could find.

You will understand it by yourself during the consulting service we will provide because I will let you see them first-hand, so that you can personally check and notice the qualitative difference.

You will also understand the fundamentals which have to be taken into account when building a pool, not only the components (even if they have their own importance), but also all the other crucial points.

For this you can refere to another of my articles.

My consulting service is a key point to dully understand the pool’s world and all of its peculiarities. If you do not know how my service works and how it is made, click here.

I’ll wait you, like always!