Massimo Girotti

CEO & Technical Manager

Scholar of the pool industry for more than 35 years, he's considered the technical guru of the company. He's the person who will deal with you during the pool construction phase.

Distinguishing marks: martial arts aficionado and advanced technological innovations enthusiast.

Pierfrancesco Fagiani

Pool Specialist Consultant

For many years he's been taking care of the customers to the smallest detail. What they say about him is that he's competent, fast in response and empathetic towards the customer tastes and needs.

Distinguishing marks: if you want to conquer him, take him skiing in the Dolomites.

Lorenzo Ing. Girotti

Technical Office - Design

Among the youngest of the staff, he graduated from the Politecnico di Milano, also attending the University of Miami in the United States during his last year. He will take care of all the technical designs of the pool. His modern technical and specialist contribution represents a resource of great value for the company and for all our customers.

Distinguishing marks: he's a real soccer and motocross enthusiast.

Elisa Vissani

Marketing and Communication

She collaborates with us maneuvering among graphic offices, printing and advertising. Always updated with marketing studies, she also takes care of our socials, web site and blog.

Distinguishing marks: she loves nature, movies and art, but traveling is her real passion!

Simone Ing. Girotti

Post Sales and Domotics

He graduated in Mechatronic Engineering from the Polytechnic of Turin. During his university years he also studied at the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (Argentina) and the Universidad de Huelva (Spain). It is he who takes care of the home automation of swimming pools and the maintenance sector.

Distinguishing marks: he is passionate about technology and innovation, dedicating himself to domotics, smart devices and IT.

Chiara Fagiani

Consulting Assistant

Dynamic and resourceful, she manages all preliminary contacts with customers, offering informations and ensuring everything is ready before any meeting with our Consultant.

Distinguishing marks: loves all kinds of manual and artisan works, to which she dedicates her free time. A fan of Vasco Rossi and rock music.

Eleonora Montecchiari

Administrative Supervisor

Systematic and organized, she has been handling all the paperwork for more than 20 years. If you have any problems with bills or seek some missing sheet, only Ele can help!

Distinguishing marks: a big fan of Valentino Rossi and Hard Rock (do not give her anything that is below 'Subsonica').

Marco Staffolani

Foreman Installer

He too is with us since many years. So precise and accurate that they call him "Grumpy": If the work isn't perfect, he's not happy!

Distinguishing marks: meticulousness and dexterity in everything!

Giacomo Gasparri


Sunny, outgoing and attentive to everything that is said to him. He likes performing his duties precisely.

Distinguishing features: his passion is football and he plays in an amateur team.

Andrea Meriggi


He's a closed-minded person who loves to listen and learn new things. Accuracy is his hallmark.

Distinguishing marks: he really likes reading, he loves the world of manga and loves the mountains.

Simone Mogetta

Maintenance Technician

Team player with a long experience in the electrical sector; he loves precision and looks for a final result that is functional and takes into account the aesthetic impact.

Distinguishing marks: he is a Juventus fan, and loves football to the core.

Giorgio Sollini

Maintenance Technician

Person with an affable character and very helpful, he carries out his work with care, seriousness and dedication.

Distinguishing marks: he has a "good appetite" and is an Inter fan; loves nature and likes to take care of gardens by working among plants and flowers.

Nadio Stortini


Great worker with many years of experience. He is tenacious and available as few.

Distinguishing marks: loves fishing and taking walks in the mountains.