Professione Piscina built its first pool in 1988 when it was still a small artisan company and when this sector was mainly in the hands of builders who made swimming pools just as a 'Sideline', without a real professional preparation. After 30 years, we are considered as the real specialists of this branch.

Unlike many colleagues, we are not tied to one single brand, so we can really advise you impartially and specifically according to your needs and your budget.

We have been building pools that embrace all kinds of typologies (fiberglass, concrete, prefabricated formwork, natural, underground, above-ground, semi-underground, etc.), so we know very well all the advantages and all the limits of any pool. That's why you can be sure to receive a truly tailored advice according to your needs!

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What does differentiate us from others?

Being exclusively specialized in pools is the main difference between us and other companies. We are not dealing with 'pools and depuration plants', 'pools and gardens' or 'pools and wellness'. Just POOLS. This gives you a chance to put yourself in the hands of real experts and unparalleled professionals!

All we offer, from the accessories to the linen, from the treatment plant to the domotic system, is mainly made in Italy and selected by us over 30 years of experience, while many of our competitors offer medium-low quality importation products.

The warranties we offer, have been carefully chosen among the best ones in the market. Just to give an example, on the circulation system you can take full advantage of a 5-year warranty against the 2/3-year ones usually offered by other competitors.

You can avail yourself of two teams exclusively dedicated to the customer service; this is why we can promise a post-selling service renowned for its precision and punctuality. Almost all the others take little care of the client in the following years, once the pool has been sold.

By entrusting us, you're entrusting the only company in this sector to have the ISO 9001 quality certification issued by the most uncompromising certification body: the TUV. Simply put, this body 'scrutinizes' everything before issuing this certification. This means that you can choose a reliable company working with a certified method and that, above all, will not take the mick out of you!


"I have been working in this company for many years and I've gained considerable experience in the pool industry.
My main duty is to assist you in understanding the pool's world and consider every aspect that will affect costs and project, thus guiding you toward a highly personalized choice.
Thanks to the exclusive  Pool Consulting,  you can be sure to take a good and wise decision, without disappointments.
For my part, I will do my very best to get along with you throughout this journey.
Come see me. I wait for you!



Come and see the largest technical exhibition in the pool's world of Central Italy, including detailed elements on the different construction techniques! 

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