Professione Piscina built its first swimming pool in 1988 when it was still a small artisan company and when this sector was mainly in the hands of construction companies that built swimming pools only as a 'collateral activity', without a real professional preparation.

Our long experience, made up of mistakes and things done well, of hard moments and great satisfactions, has helped us become the specialists we are today.

The swimming pools we have built - over 500 - cover all types (fibreglass, concrete, prefabricated, formwork, natural, in-ground, above-ground, semi-in-ground...), so we know very well all the advantages and limitations of each pool.

Precisely for this reason we have decided, after many years of activity, to focus only on high-end overflow pools, characterized by a very high aesthetic and technological performance.

team professione piscina


Entry into the world of swimming pools with the "Girotti" brand and our first creation in L'Aquila, Abruzzo.

Start of the collaboration with "Busatta Piscine", at the time the top brand of prefabricated swimming pools.

Busatta Award as "Best Swimming Pool", for our infinity pool in Potenza Picena (MC).

Adherence to the controls and certification of one of the most intransigent and prestigious bodies: the TUV.

staff professione piscina

Inauguration of the showroom in Piediripa di Macerata and launch of the new “Professione Piscina” brand dedicated exclusively to this sector.

Abandonment of skimmer pools and focus on the creation of high-end infinity pools.

The prestigious Gardenia Magazine presents our swimming pool built in Capaccio, Cilento. First of a long series of authoritative publications such as Piscine Oggi, Guida Piscina, Paysage, Ville&Casali and others.

The book of our Consultant Pierfrancesco Fagiani "I Deserve a Wow Effect Swimming Pool!" goes to print, delving into the subject of 'high-end swimming pools'.

Printing of the new book “The Swimming Pool Bible”, written by our Technical Director Massimo Girotti and our Consultant Pierfrancesco Fagiani. The first publication in Italy that answers all the fundamental questions regarding swimming pools.

Professione Piscina showroom

What makes us different from others?

Specializing in high-end infinity pools
We made a courageous choice in 2018: to focus exclusively on swimming pools with the highest aesthetic and technological performance available on the market. This is why we are considered the true specialists in the sector.

Over thirty years of experience
In more than 35 years of activity and over 500 swimming pools built, we have accumulated precious experience that has allowed us to fully understand this world and the advantages or disadvantages of each type of swimming pool plus the various products in the sector.

Internal technical design office
We boast the presence in our team of an Engineer dedicated to the technical design of swimming pools. Thanks to this we can release all the documentation in accordance with the law.

ISO 9001 quality certification issued by TUV
They completely scrutinised us by verifying all our work processes. This is an ambitious goal that we have managed to achieve thanks to great commitment and dedication.

Unparalleled after-sales assistance
We provide customers with 2 teams dedicated exclusively to the assistance service, renowned for their constant presence, precision and punctuality.

The largest technical showroom in central Italy
You only have one way to choose your swimming pool correctly: touch the elements that will be part of it. Our showroom is very large and offers the most equipped technical display in central Italy.