Professional Pool Consulting®: a Professione Piscina exclusive!

5 steps to choose your pool without going crazy on the web


Professional Pool Consulting® is a comprehensive consultation service starting with a meeting/appointment and ending with the final choice of your pool. It is a certified method developed by Professione Piscina over 30 years, consisting of precise steps and services undertaken with a cerfied method.


The appointment will take place in the firm as it is imperative that you visit our showroom to see the various types of pools alongside their accessories. The appointment with the consultant is taken only after you have read the materials that have been delivered to you, so that you already have a basic preparation on the fundamental things concerning the world of the pool.

You will be asked to come along with any other person possibly involved in the financial and operational decisions of your pool (wife, husband, adult children, etc.) as it is vital that everyone receives the correct information and has the opportunity to ask any questions at consultant.

You will be asked to come with any other person possibly involved in the financial and operating decisions (wife, husband, adult children, etc.). This is so anyone involved with this decision will be able to ask our sales representative questions.


During this interview our Consultant will ask you 42 questions regarding technical aspects, aesthetics, needs, estimated budget, municipality rules and so on.

This step is the most important of all because we are collecting this information to determine the best pool for you.  Feel free to ask any questions you have during this time.

During the consultation, which lasts about two hours, the various explanations will be accompanied by the vision of the various elements of the pool that you can see in our showroom. In this way your choice will be much safer and more appropriate, without surprises.

At the end you will have a rather precise cost estimation of the pool you want to build and the accessories you prefer to insert.​


Only at this point, our Technical Director will come to your home and carry out an inspection using our "Technical Analysis" form, developed from our decades long experience with over 350 pools. Thanks to this analysis, ALL the technical aspects related to the construction of a swimming pool will be examined, without missing any detail. This step culminates in a careful preparation of the final budget.

In addition to this, we can also help with paperwork and municipal permits by providing you or your surveyor/architect the legal literature and various tips to overcome any bureaucratic impasse.


This is the most interesting and creative phase of the project.

Designing a pool is more than just digging a hole and chosing the type of pool. It has also a lot to do with the choice of accessories, solarium, pavement, greenery around the mirror of water and the type of garden furniture around the pool.

This evaluation requires not only technical expertise but also artistry. Your pool must not remain a "pretty anonymous pool amid a lush green lawn".

And this is where one of our strong points comes in. In fact, the almost 30 years of experience we have gained on EVERY type of pool put us a step above those who have just started this kind of enterprise, "improvising pool-builders" (plumbers, masons, etc.) or firms specialized in just one or two types of pools.

In this sense, your Architect will find in us a competent partner also from the view point of aesthetics and landscape design.


At this point we can formulate our final offer that, once again, will be very accurate. Every item, every detail, every type of product, will be CLEARLY stated in the folder you will be delivered.

We do not send the quote by e-mail, but you'll receive it here in the firm, where you can possibly ask your seller any final questions.



In some cases it is necessary to show the client how the garden will be transformed once the works are finished and this is done thanks to the use of photorealisms. The quality of our photorealisms will allow you to have a clear vision of the FIRST and the AFTER.

After having resolved all doubts and confusions of a practical or aesthetic nature, you are ready to sign the contract and proceed with the construction of your pool.

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