swimming pool manual

"The Bible of Swimming Pool"

This book is the result of an incredible experience: over 500 pools built, of all types and sizes, technologies tested over the years, building materials tested and carefully evaluated.

The idea of this book was born just to allow anyone to understand the fundamentals of this topic, enclosing in a single manual all the answers to common questions that customers ask, providing complete and easily understandable information even by those who know nothing about the world of swimming pools.

The important thing is that in the end you are able to make an informed and conscious decision, which is crucial to the success of the project since, once the pool is built, you can not go back.

wow effect swimming pool

"I Deserve a Wow Effect Swimming Pool!"

I wrote this book because I care about people's joy of life and because I wanted to give concrete help to those who have decided or are considering building a pool.

It is not a technical book about pools but a precious collection of all the ingredients to use to get the pool of your dreams, the pool that best represents you. In this book you will not find information on the various types of sterilization, the various types of filters or other technical aspects (such information is covered comprehensively in another book), but rather the key points that no one has ever made known so far, based on long specific experience in the world of high-level swimming pools.

I will share with you information, anecdotes, peculiar aspects and "mechanisms" that can be activated when you decide to build a pool or pursue any valuable goal in life. I hope with all my heart that it will help you in your "wow effect" pool project. You deserve it!