When it comes to evaluating the work of a company, it is extremely important to have the opinion of those who have personally experienced the service and products it offers.

As much as you can try to be sincere and honest in the way you explain your modus operandi and the best technical and aesthetic result of your products, there is only one way to know for sure if things are actually like you say: customer feedback.

As we have often underlined, it’s one thing if we say it, it’s another if they say it!

Below are some of the numerous testimonies we have collected over many years. You can also visit our YouTube channel if you wish to watch all the videos.

"The pool becomes the true center of the house. That's why we wanted the best!"

We have previously had other pools and therefore already had some experience. Having bought a country house here in the Marche region, we wanted to build a full-fledged swimming pool with a company that was the best not only in terms of design but also from a technical point of view and after-sales assistance. I have to say we had a great time. The pool is gorgeous, functional and designed for the use of every member of the family, from children to adults. The focus that you as a company have on the customer and on the final result is truly unique!

Giacomo Guilizzoni

"We wanted a complete turnkey job, without thinking about anything. And so it was!"

The swimming pool has many aspects to consider and is a rather complex process. We wanted a single interlocutor and a single manager to whom we had to turn for everything.

The guys were very good, they worked well, always polite, kind, with a ready joke.

We are extremely satisfied with the service and the final result! We would recommend anyone to come to you!

Norbert e Bianca Van Hamond
Sassoferrato (AN)

"I greatly appreciated your communication and your image"
I was particularly convinced by the possibility of being able to create a completely customized swimming pool and to study it according to my tastes and needs.
Your qualities are surely the attention to detail, to be sudden in customer requests and to be complete in the swimming pool sector.
Andrea De Luca
Staffolo (AN)

"Their professionalism and flexibility really impressed us!"

We arrived at Professione Piscina after looking for various experts in this sector.

We chose them for several reasons: the clarity and completeness of the information, the catalog of the works already carried out and then the utmost professionalism that transpired and emerged in all the meetings we had.

The works went very well, they have always been available and have responded any time: mid-August, Saturday, Sunday ... we are really very satisfied.

Carla Cortorillo
Cossignano (AP)

"Thanks to the swimming pool we can live even more family and friends"

At the beginning we were afraid of finding someone who did not respect the deadlines and the budget, after many experiences with the house, instead Professione Piscina turned out to be a serious, punctual and precise company, as there are few around.

Thanks to the swimming pool we live more at home and friends. Our children spend their time there playing, swimming and often invite their friends too. We can also relax more easily, read a book by the water, take a bath after a day of work.

We are very happy with the final result!

Lorenzetti Family
Recanati (MC)

"I wanted to play it safe, even if I spent 6/7000 euro more!"

All the extra money was well spent!

We had done a part of the pool with another company and it had been a real odyssey. In the end, for the liner, I searched the internet for someone else and with them a new world opened up for me.

When the work was finished I could not find a fold, a bubble, a defect ... nothing. The jobs are of a higher category. The end result is fantastic, truly beautiful!

Roberto Cocci
Fano (AN)

"We knew the business reputation of this company ..."

We knew the reliability and professionalism of the company and the expectations were not disregarded. They are all great professionals! For any problem can arise with the pool, they are always present, ready to understand the situation and solve it within a day. 

Mauro e Catia Latini
Sambucheto (MC)

"I can use it from May until November! A pleasure for the grandchildren! "

The choice of doing the telescopic enclosure has been a winning one and I highly recommend it as it allows you to take advantage of the pool from April / May untill November! It also keeps the pool very clean, you don't have to put on and take off the Summer cover, you don't have to remove the leaves... it's really too cushy and practical!

Gianfranco Luciani
Corridonia (MC)

"The magnesium sterilization allowed my son to go to the pool!"

We are very satisfied with the choice to rely on this company. But the most important thing was the advice on the magnesium purification system. Our son was allergic to chlorine and the mucous membranes of his nose became inflamed every time he tried to go swimming. Now this problem is solved and he can swim as often as you wish!

Sandra Galoni
Civitanova Marche (MC)

"After 20 years the pool is still in excellent condition!"

After various estimates you seemed the most valid and professional, so we chose you. The works have been performed to perfection and we are very satisfied. I would do it again without delay. The sea has the mucilage, the prohibition of bathing, the crowd ... being in the pool instead is pleasant and relaxing! Furthermore, it is an accessory that greatly enhances the home and gives satisfaction, with a minimum of commitment.

Marco Vescovo
Osimo (AN)

"All perfect!"

We have chosen you for the word of mouth of our architect who had already worked with you and for the fact that you are always present in the after-sales, whenever we need it.

We had also seen some swimming pools that you have created, well integrated with the garden and very beautiful, which really made us think of a company that works well.

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You answered all our questions in a complete and very competent way which allowed us to choose the right place for the pool, not the one we thought at the beginning.

It was a synergy between you, us and the architect and we are really satisfied. Everything was perfect!

If I had to list 3 qualities of Professione Piscina  I would say: very professional, able to answer all customer questions and able to solve any problem quickly and effectively.

Diane Bodart
San Severino Marche (MC)

"The pool was a great investment!"

I am a surveyor and after seeing how the company had worked and the care that it put in the pool of one of my customers, I decided to chose it to build my own pool. The children have grown up with it and we have used it a lot. To date they do not even want to go to the beach because they prefer to stay home and enjoy it with their friends!

Rossano Luchetti
Treia (MC)

"The children love it and play there with their friends!"

After several researches, we have entrusted ourselves to Professione Piscina for the competence (immediately proven) and the great experience in this field! Thanks to this they were able to recommend us the best choice, highlighting its advantages and defects. Another aspect that has made us choose this company was the timeliness in formulating the quote, compared to the competition. We were really happy with the work and availability of Pierfrancesco, Massimo and all the guys who are working there!

Paola Petroselli
Civitanova Marche (MC)

"Our mark is 9 1/2 ... just because 10 is never given!"

The realization of this pool has been made in full synergy with the company's professionals. The consulting was excellent and we are fully satisfied with the result. In particular, we would like to mention the after-sales service, one of the flagships of the company. Our final mark is 9 1/2... just because 10 is never given!

Nicola e Mirella Bronzi
Appignano (MC)

"We chose Professione Piscina since it is the leading company in the sector!"

You do not become a leader by accident: the human touch, the attention to the customer, the staff skill, are the pillars to be professionals and Professione Piscina showed all these capabilities and skills.

The first thing that struck us was the attention to detail and accuracy in the choice of the most suitable pool to the customer. Thanks to Pierfrancesco's professionalism we could choose the best pool for us.

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Then came the technicians: good, punctual and polite.The pool is fabulous! We had a great time!

The customer is never left alone, even in the post-sales. Pierfrancesco himself is always available to ensure that the service goes the right way.

I would also like to thank Marco for the patience and kindness he shows while doing the usual maintenance operations.

And finally, plaudits go to Massimo and Mauro, two entrepreneurs with capital "E"

Massimiliano Balducci
Appignano (MC)

"My mother wanted the pool to swim at 90!"

I had seen some works done by Professione Piscina hat I liked. In addition, the people I knew said good things about this company so I turned to them and must say that I found myself very well! My mother, at the age of 90, absolutely wanted it and used to come here every day to swim. Everyone likes the pool!

Karoline De Jong
Serrapetrona (MC)

"With the pool you have been very punctual and precise!"

Although we had several estimates and the price was higher, we chose them because we realized that the guarantees were better and that their Consulting was superior. The explanations were clear and complete and we immediately realized their competence.

The work phase went well, although the workers had to interface with our masons. Delivery times have always been respected. The yard was left neat and clean, which we appreciated a lot.

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We have noticed that our masons were not precise and punctual like them and if we went back we would probably do a turnkey job all with Porfessione PIscina.

The assistance is also fabulous, as soon as you call them within a maximum of one day they're with you.

The qualities of this company are clarity, availability, punctuality and an ever-present service.

To date we are really very satisfied!

Maria Assunta Evangelista
B&B Marimà - Pollenza (MC)

"The experience with Professione Piscina was excellent!"
It was a great experience: punctuality in every phase of construction, clear explanations on all the pool operations. ​After 15 years that we have the pool I can say that we never had problems with it! Realiability is their watchword and when I said this I said it all!
Patrizia Castellani
Il Villino Restaurant - Pollenza (MC)

"The pool despite the near sea!"

I chose Professione Piscina because I wanted a serious company to follow me and give me guarantees. I had in mind to build a swimming pool, for me and my family, for the kids and to enjoy it in Summer! Even though I'm close to the sea I have to say that nowadays I do not feel passionate anymore, a bit about dirt and a bit about people's calamity. I had this dream for so long and in the end I made it come true by building an infinity pool!

Antonio Pitzalis
​Civitanova Marche (MC)

"They fully respected delivery times!"

We have a hotel 2km from the sea and we needed an alternative to the beach for our customers. Professioen Piscina has helped us and gave a good advise in the choose, in the setting, in the most suitable location ...

What struck us most was the company's realiability and the way they followed us from the start. From the very beginning, we perceived the professionalism and the competence of many years of experience.

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Delivery times were fully respected, except for a delay of a few days due to weather conditions.

I can say the same for the post-sales assistance with which we are doing fine, being allowed to call even in critical times and always finding a lot of availability, despite the distance from the hotel.

The pool has promptly increased the bookings for our business and has turned out to be a great investment. We are fully satisfied with the choice of entrusting us to this company!

Giorgia Di Lorenzo
Hotel Ristorante La Casa Rossa - Alba Adriatica (TE)

"I've chosen the real pool specialists!"

I had turned to a company for the restoration of the Fitness Club pool that I had detected and they almost ran away telling me that I had to build a new one. I made other consultations, even with big brands and in the end I called Professione Piscina hoping to find the professionalism I was looking for. So it was!

Andrea Maiolino
Noor Fitness Club - Recanati (MC)

"Whatever happens, they immediately run up here!"

We have chosen Professione Piscina since the first contact. They inspired us with their professionalism and in particular for the post-sale assistance they made available. The pool is mainly used in Summer so it can always happen that something breaks or that there are small contingencies and they are always available: whatever happens, they immediately run up here!

I also appreciated their punctuality in the work and promises made. By now we have become friends after many years, they're friendly people with whom it's easy to have a good relationship.

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The pool has been used a lot, since the early years; but even now that the nephews are 11 and 16, they compete to stay at home and have fun in the pool of their grandfather. They do not want to go to the beach anymore. I've always got them around here!

It is so beautiful that I keep it open as much as possible, even when you can not take a bath, in Spring and Autumn.

I really liked it right away and it's the first thing I would do again if I went back!

Leo Marrocchi
Appignano (MC)

"I don't know how we could do without it!"

Friends have recommended us the company as serious professionals. We use it a lot, before lunch or in the evening ... I don't know how to do without it. It was really the right choice! After a day of work in the countryside it gives you a lot and takes away the real physical fatigue! I would do it again and again, without hesitation!

Daniela Menghini
Montelupone (MC)

"9 years and it went great!"

The reason why I chose Professione Piscina is that I received from them not a not good but an excellent treatment!

The owners are exquisite people with whom it is a pleasure to deal with.

We have the pool since 9 years and we have used it a lot: parties, birthdays, evenings with friends ... We celebrated at the pool our 25 and 30 years of marriage and it was beautiful!

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During the week I'm never at home, I work traveling and the weekend spending two hours in a row on the road to go to the beach and maybe not even find the parking: no thanks!

Furthermore, the after-sale assistance is really reliable. Once something happened on August 14th, several years ago, and they came and they solved it.

What can you say? I recommend this company to all!

My mark for them is 10 in my head 'cause really, I've never had any problems!

Giorgio Catenelli

"It's a company that 'knows about it'!"

I've chosen them for they're close to where I live and 'cause they're always available. They are a nice team. They work well and know what they are doing. The technicians are spectacular.

You can talk about price and all the rest, but here the point is the expertise in giving advice to customers. And they know about the pools! Any small catch or difficulty are immediately resolved and I've never had any problems with them.

We always use the pool: with friends, with family, with relatives. For the grandchildren the pool is 'a show'!

Bistosini Giovanni
Colbuccaro (MC)

"I wanted to make a dream come true and they made a masterpiece!"

My experience with Professione Piscina stems from the need to make a dream come true: including a comfortable swimming pool on a large sea-view terrace and not just a whirlpool bath.

We still have to thank our architect Luigi Guardiani for bringing us this company. After having had contacts from different companies, since I also work in the Wellness and Spa sector, the Professione Piscina company was the only one that came to make several inspections and that, 

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after numerous checks regarding the feasibility of the project, gave us the ok to proceed, creating a real masterpiece: raised swimming pool on a two-level terrace with sea view, heated, with salinized water.

 Despite having very little time available, our pool is a real haven of peace, especially in Summer, to escape from crowded beaches. The heating allows us to regenerate with a dip even late in the evening.

We are totally satisfied with the professionalism of the company and also and above all of the after-sales service. The maintenance service every 6 months allows us to have a taken care of swimming pool all year round, and even in times of need the maintenance guys are always available. We will always thank our Architect Luigi, Pierfrancesco for his sales assistance and Marco my guardian angel in terms of maintenance. A real guarantee.

Giorgia D'Autorio

"Exactly the pool we wanted!"​

Satisfied with the final result and the professionalism of the work performed by Professione Piscina's working team in coordination with our mason.

Thanks to Pierfrancesco for his availability and competence and for having suggested the gray liner, which we recommend to all those who want a pool with a natural and elegant effect.

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The maintenance, compared to the pool that we had previously, is much less demanding, the filtration system is silent and always guarantees clear water.

We are really super satisfied!

Angela Martarelli

"I was really tired of seeing an ugly and worn pool, so I decided to renovate it"

A wise decision because in the end we got a pool with a modern design, the overflow skimmers that suck better than the previous ones, a more elegant and refined interior liner.

We got along very well with Professione Piscina: the service was punctual and precise, the delivery times were respected and I consider the company really dependable. 

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We had a great time right from the Consultation: they showed us the projects, they perfectly explained the various sterilization and lighting systems, the type of renovation we were going to do: In short, a complete and exhaustive advice. The same applies to the works on site: all done well and flawlessly. We are very satisfied.

My advice for those who already have an outdated or ruined pool is to consider the idea of ​​the renovation, otherwise it becomes 'old' and you tend to use it less and less. With some work you can exploit it more and better.

Giandomenico Giorgi 
Cingoli (MC)

"There are many reasons why I have chosen Professione Piscina!"

  • I haven't chosen you for the price as it was not the lowest (I believe I did show you a much lower estimate), but because I believe that you cannot find quality in the "low price", while I point a lot about quality.
  • I have chosen for you for your professionalism, excellent references encountered, the business structure with the complete supply chain: sales, installation, service, products, etc., where in each sector there is a specialist. And I must say they are all very professional and competent, at least those I had dealings with.
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  • The seller: very professional and competent; he immediately sensed the customer needs. This was the thing that struck me. He advised me well, I cannot help notes (this harping costs you a dinner! Just jocking, it’s the truth!). We had an immediate feeling, an easier understanding on many aspects. The estimate was very detailed, accurate and the explanations were punctual.
  • Also the installers as good and professional. I was also pleased to notice the report they do for the administration, which is very uncommon. In the post-sale services too I have found a throughout support, although it is all rather new at the moment and we'll have the chance to test this better later on. Services provided are excellent: the swimming pool opening as weel as its closign with cover handling for Winter time, were just great!

Pacifico Berrè

"They are a real team, each one with his own role played professionally!"
We have chosen Professione Piscina after we have done a 'tour' on the web and of course after going through much indecision. In the end we opted for a local company, the best known in our territory, also asking around to acquaintances who were their customers and who reassured us by talking well about them.
We were impressed by their organization. The showroom they have in Piediripa is very well organized; you can touch the various materials and equipment required without going blind!
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When we met Pierfrancesco he welcomed us warmly and above all with great professionalism, leaving us free to choose while recommending the best.
What struck us during the works is that they are a real team, each with his own role played professionally.
The pool maintenance was simpler than we thought, even simpler than the above-ground pool we had had previously.
Many friends and relatives were with us on the weekends and really appreciated our choice; it was definitely a way to not get bored and to make our two grandchildren happy, having fun by spending hours in the pool!
If we went back we would not change anything we did! Perhaps if we had chosen the turnkey work we would have been less stressed and it would have been easier.
Professione Piscina is a serious, precise, very professional company, from the first approach and estimate to the assistance.
They may not be the cheapest, but if we were to make another pool we would certainly call them!
Maurizio and Antonella Salvucci

"We are fully satisfied!"

We chose you because our acquaintance has shown you as a serious and reliable firm. In fact we have to say that we did well! Delivery times were respected and in 5 years we had no problem with the pool!

The steel frame structure has proved to be a good solution for us as if you have to change the linen you can do it quickly without any problems. Assistance is also reliable and accurate and we are fully satisfied!

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The quote was accurate and detailed too. There was no surprise even on the payments: the company was elastic and there was no breath on the neck, which we really enjoyed.

The strong point is that it is a nearby company, a company in our territory, so it can take better care of the customer and get it fast if there are any difficulties. Marco, who follows us in the post-sale, has proved to be a good and helpful person.

Simonetti Cesare
Numana (AN)

"A company that responds in record time!"

We chose the under-edge swimming pool because it is unique and not comparable to all the ones I have been offered by other companies.

The staff approach was extremely professional and the interest towards us made us feel really important.

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Our choice has proven to be great for both the beauty of the product and the excellent after-sales service plus the warranty.

Even though we haven't needed any special things till today, each time we have called, the Professione Piscina staff has always responded kindly, finding in record time all the solutions.

Luciano Nardi
Sirolo (AN)