Pierfrancesco Fagiani
Pool Specialist Consultant

That even a child would be able to understand

More and more people are interested and ask me about the overflow pools. Personally I can say that they are the types of pool that I prefer, a little 'for aesthetic reasons' (personal tastes) and a little 'for their technical characteristics', which for those in the trade is quite important.

In this article I will be very simple and I will limit myself to expose the advantages by listing them one after the other, without too many frills, so that everyone can understand without difficulty what we are talking about. Even the children.


Here are the 7 great advantages of overflow pools
compared to the skimmer pools

1. SWIMMING POOL WITH CLEANER  AND TRANSPARENT WATER: the water overflows on all 4 sides, ensuring a better, faster and more homogeneous water cleaning, leaving the mirror of water much clearer and more transparent.


2. REDUCED COSTS FOR CHEMICALS: the best water circulation allows a really reduced maintenance to the minimum, thus significantly reducing the costs of weekly works and chemical products.


3. A MORE ELEGANT POOL: the water in the overflow pools directely reaches the edge. Thus the distance between the edge of the pool and the water entering the skimmer is eliminated (from 7 to 15 cm of band). The result is more aesthetic and elegant.


4. NO FLOATING LINE: no continuous water line cleaning. The waterline in the skimmer pools should be cleaned once a week, to prevent it from being damaged and irreparably damaged. This operation must be done manually, with appropriate products that logically have their cost, in addition to labor. In the overflow pools this operation is NOT NECESSARY.


5. BEAUTIFUL POOL EDGE: the fact of cleaning the pool constantly can certainly prevent it from getting dirty or "smear" significantly, but nothing can be done for the difference in color that you'll see in time between the facing part immersed in water and that one above the water line. In the skimmer pools then, over the years, this undesirable anti-aesthetic effect is created. On the other hand, in the overflow pools, NO VISIBLE DIFFERENCE OF COLOR is created on the clothing.


6. NO EXPENSE FOR THE APPLICATION OF DECORATIVE BAND ON THE FLOATING LINE: as explained above, after a few years, in the skimmer pools, the horizontal decorative band must be applied to avoid seeing the difference of colors in the waterline or to preserve it from further wear. This operation logically has a COST and is not necessary on overflow pools.


7. MOST BEAUTIFUL SOLARIUM AREA: the skimmers have unattractive little shells, positioned right next to the poolside, which honestly are not the best view for the overall aesthetic impact. Well, there are no skimmers in the infinity pools and therefore no wells.


There is only one problem overflow pools!

A problem that none of our competitors can solve with traditional overflow pools. But for this you have to contact us to make an appointment and talk about it in person.

Meanwhile, I refer you to our page OVERFLOW POOLS to look at some examples of overflow and the basic characteristics of each, along with some general price estimates that will give you an idea of ​​the badget for these types of pools.