Overflow pools

Overflow pools have some peculiarities regarding both aesthetics and the construction. They are made with different technologies and are divided into five categories:






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scenic effect and spectacularity!

The infinity pool is the ideal solution for those who love the visual continuity between sea and sky or between earth and sky. The water level reaches the limit of the wall and then falls by gravity into a compensation tank thus creating a spectacular cascade effect. The water can alternatively fall in a choreographed way into a smaller tank set at a lower level than the main one.

Piscine a Sfioro Panoramico

elegance and sophistication!​

In flush or zero edge pools, the water reaches the limit of the wall, flushes with the edge beyond, before falling by gravity into a slot and reaching the overflow tank. Considering the absence of overflow channels, the visual effect is clean and modern. It is also possible to customize the edge by choosing different materials for its building.

flush edge pool
zero edge pool
flush edge pool
no edge pool

clean and original design!

The underflow swimming pool has revolutionized the concept of water overflowing. The pool’s water overflows under the pool’s edge, along the perimeter, hiding the overflow channel, thus achieving a clean and aesthetic final result. Thanks to this technology it’s possible to easily adjust the level of the overflow that may eventually undergo some changes due to the settling of the ground or geological events.


classic effect!

The traditional overflow pool is made with a whole perimeter overflow channel. The water comes flush with the outside pavement overflowing in a classical duct or into splits directly cut in the floor or at the edge.

pool grate

polished and chic!

In the raised overflow pool, the water flows out of edge into a channel  placed at a lower level than the surface of the pool, forming in some cases a real cascade effect, and in others a simple wall of water flowing elegantly on the edge of the pool.

This is in fact a special type of flush edge overflow, with the difference that the edge of the pool is raised along the entire perimeter or along one or more sides.

The particular design of this type of swimming pool easily adapts also to wavy, steep terrains with the cascading sides placed in sloping areas.

piscina sfioro a cascata
piscina sfioro a stramazzo
piscina sfioro a stramazzo
piscina sfioro a cascata


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