Pierfrancesco Fagiani
Pool Specialist Consultant

Every firm or professional has to take some risks

What is courage?  

We heard about it many times, we use this word in so many of our conversations, it has been celebrated in so many epic movies, it is was we suggested our sons and our cared ones to be, it is what we used plenty of times during our lives, but maybe we never lingered on what its deeper meaning is.

In the dictionaries it is indicated as the human virtue of those who are strong and never hesitates facing problems.

He is courageous who handles the issues with no struggle without stepping back and never lets physical and moral pains tear him down. He fights sufferance and danger barefaced, despite the hesitation and intimidation.

You know where the word comes from? From latin ‘cor habeo’, which literally means ‘I have heart’.

I think it is quite interesting the fact that fighting something with implies to do it with heart, with the most inner and deep part of the human being!

What does it have to do all of this with our job? How the courage becomes a crucial part of every worker, professional or successful firm?

With all odds the answer is quite obvious, but let me go deeper into its importance.

“In life you never have to quit, to settle with mediocrity, but to get out of that grey area where everything is habit and passive resignation, you have to feed your courage to rebel.” This is what the Nobel Price in medicine Maria Levi Montalcini said.

When you truly believe in something, the courage to rebel to the habits, to track new paths, new methods, new possibilities will inevitably show up with some brave and audacious acts.

You don’t do it averagely just because everyone else does, you don’t settle in mediocrity, but you seek for a new method to serve your client, you aim to the top, even when the client doesn’t immediately think it is.

Sometimes you have to choose a product instead of the other one because you KNOW that is the right choice for the client. Sometimes you have to try some strategies you know will make you renounce to a piece of the cake.

Sometimes you have to say “NO” to the clients requests even when the prospect insists, as those requests don’t go along with your philosophy and with what you believe in. Of course you’re gambling, you risk to lose the deal and to be seen as “unpopular”.

Cutting to the chase: what renounces requested some courage for us?



- We said NO to skimmer pools;

- We said NO to steel pool having less than 20 years of warranties;

- We said NO to third parts installing covers and liners. We prefer an inner team well trained and proud of the job done for the customers;

- We said NO to non-informed customers, who did not read the info-materials on our pools. We do not offer the consulting service before the prospect has read and understood those materials (only the best prospects are willing to respect this process and they are the ones we decided to serve).



Where did all of this lead us?

Well, sometime we have to handle some complaints, sometimes we lost the prospect, sometimes we had to go through some tough times, but it especially led us to meet all those customers whose philosophy reflects our way of doing the job. And anyway it always led us to well done jobs, both under the technical and aesthetical points of view. We achieved all of this thanks to our persistence and courage to be coherent and to gamble with our ideas and requests.

I hope you can appreciate our clearness and transparency in the explanation of how we work. I hope you can appreciate the courage to dare of our firm and I especially hope that you can appreciate the heart we put in our jobs!

So, if you think the same way and desire to build a magnificent overflow pool, using glass or natural, contact us NOW and book an appointment. We are here to serve you!

And may the force (of real specialists) be always with you!