Pierfrancesco Fagiani
Pools Specialist Consultant

Best of luck!

During these days I committed to study the competitors to go deeper and to seek the best solution for our market and it was staggering the quantity of people diving into this field pretending to be ‘professionals’ selling and building pools!

Why so many companies in such a small region? Who can we really trust? Who can be considered as a real specialist?

Let’s make something clear first. There are so many of them as until some time ago everyone, EVERYONE, could become a pool builder literally overnight. Essentially because there was no register in this field and you needed no documentation and/or attestation. It doesn’t work like the medical field for example, where you need to study, to graduate, to attend special courses, internship and so on… In fact the university has a limited number. On top of that we also have to mention the 2008 crisis, which led a lot of construction companies, bricklayers, plumbers and so on to think they could tap into the pool world as a second job to make some extra money.

The supplier on the other hand did no selection on their ‘new prospects’ and they sold their products to everyone, with no criteria. Here’s why we have so many companies.

Scrolling down the list of the names and studying those companies I realized there are 2 main differences between us and them:

  1. All of them are offer different services on different products, which, made it simple, means they do a little bit of everything. Treatments, purification, pools, hydraulic systems, bricklayers, hydro-massages, Jacuzzi, spas, saunas, irrigation, and so on… Everyone build pools, AND SOMETHING ELSE. Sorry, if all goes well they do something else, most of the times they build pool and do plenty of other things. Everyone works like that, but us. Even we were hit by the ‘syndrome of wanting doing everything’, but we saw that with the market development this was not possible, as the today’s request is a good focus and specialization in every field, which provides the client the best of the expertise and competence. Since 2017 we created a new brand and committed 2/3 of the previous firm into the new one, specializing and learning the rules of this specific sector. It was not an easy choice. But time has proven us right. The quality and services of our firm increased exponentially, and the secret was to focus on just one thing.
  2. The other big difference is that they build every type of pool. We are the ONLY ONES focused and specialized on the overflow ones, like the glass/acrylic and natural pools). Also in this case it wasn’t an easy choice, as to abandon a safe market as the skimmer one is was risky. But once again, the doctor became a luminary by focusing on one specific medical sector. In Le Marche there is only ONE company building exclusively overflow pools and that is specialized in this: US !

May I conclude by saying that to have the full list of the other pool firms in Le Marche contact me by clicking here and I will send it to you. No problem at all. For what concerns me you can also check all their websites and find out they are all the same.

All of them, but one.

Best of luck!