Pierfrancesco Fagiani
Pool Specialist Consultant

And that’s not why you’re gonna choose us

Among the many reasons why you will choose us, there will not be the lowest price.

Every company naturally has its strengths, and we have very many of them.
However, among these there is not the one with the lowest price.

This doesn't mean that we won't give you the best deal we can give you or the special low season price. It just means that this is not our "strong point" and that indeed, we are also a little proud of the fact that we cost more, as there are many factors involved behind the cost of our service, both in terms of the products offered and the related guarantees, both with regard to the type of service offered.

What differentiates us from others enough to justify a higher price than our competitors?

  • A staff of 13 people, each dedicated and trained for a specific task, able to deal with their sector with competence and speed.
  • A UNIQUE consultancy, made up of distinct phases, thanks to which you will receive detailed answers to all the questions you have in mind, clarifying any doubts about the choices you will have to face, how to organize the teams, how to avoid mistakes or missteps that you might regret in the future . The Pool Professional Consulting® is truly a gem that you will realize personally.
  • Two teams (I said TWO teams) who dedicate themselves completely and exclusively to the after-sales service (weak point of many pool owners and retailers). Every swimming pool can present small or large problems, particularly during the high season, when everyone calls. The customer will NEVER be left alone, not even on weekends or holidays.
  • A showroom of around 400 m2 at your disposal so you don't make mistakes in choosing materials and accessories, being able to see and touch the various solutions and alternatives (and not from the catalog or photographs).
  • An internal technical design office that will take care of all the executive details and technical drawings of the systems and the tank, so that each company that participates in the execution of the works does not make mistakes with the consequence of then blaming each other another, as often happens on construction sites.
  • A competent team of installers with decades of experience behind them, led by a Technical Director who has followed hundreds of swimming pools of every shape and type, which means precious know-how acquired in the field thanks to which any type of related problem can be addressed to the different types of terrain, position, technical aspect and so on. The ability to find practical and functional solutions is crucial during the construction phase.
  • Truly exclusive creations for technology and beauty. The photos speak for themselves, but those who have been able to see our pools in person know that our creations are truly spectacular. The numerous testimonials you find on our website or on our YouTube channel speak for themselves. There is no better advertising for a company than having its customers so satisfied that they want to talk about their experience and pass it on to others.
  • Our BRAND. Professione Piscina has become a high-level brand, thanks to incessant work of continuous improvement and correction which has taken place in over 35 years of activity. We are proud of the results achieved and the quality of our services. Numerous national and international sector magazines have published our swimming pools and many VIP customers have trusted us to make their dream come true.


How can a company of this caliber compare itself to a small artisan company made up of two or four people, which often calls on subcontractors for the application of the sheet, which claims not to be able to carry out the assistance service (or carries it out in a botched way), and above all that he doesn't have the material time to "pamper" you and take care of you? How can we compare ourselves to a company that will almost certainly not be able to carry out the work with the precision, competence and professionalism of a highly specialized company?

Let's be clear, there is nothing wrong with the fact that others can offer lower prices, also because they usually deal mainly with skimmer pools, i.e. simple pools that do not require high levels of execution or complicated accessories, at opposite of the infinity ones.

On the market everyone plays their own game. Just as there are mid-range cars, there are higher-end cars, up to luxury ones. It's still a car, but they're not the same thing.

Our mission is not to be nice or cute in your eyes. Our task is to offer you the best possible performance with a competent and fast service and ultimately deliver you a real "wow effect" swimming pool!

This is also the reason why we always take responsibility for our possible mistakes, even reaching into our wallet if necessary, as demonstrated in the articles you can find on our blog in the "About Us" section.

Ultimately our customer's job is simply to ensure they fully receive the product and services they paid for with us. And we always respond to this.

We are waiting for you!