Elisa Vissani
Public Relations Office

Our firm keeps moving!

We never stop and we already demonstrated this many times.

Also at the end of the year we continued the tradition of update ourselves and which makes us outstanding.

This time the steps were two.

The Professione Acqua conference where our brave guys (to be precise our Engineer and Technical Director) attended different conferences such as “Choice and maintenance of stainless elements in a pool”, “European standards”, “Tax advantages for building and renewing a pool”, “Electrical connections”, “Structure design”, “Safety tests” and more.

The other event is the Lion Euro-Expo, the most important European exhibition and one of the most important in the world. Here we could look at all the new solution available on the market, the new techniques, the new construction methods and everything that can concern the pool world on an international level.

You want some proofs? Pictures and attestations!





How valuable is for you to rely on specialized personnel who always updates on the latest technological solutions and on the pros conferences?

How important it is to end up with a good job and to feel safe?

If the answer is A LOT, then come visit us!

And may the force of real specialists continues being with you!