Pierfrancesco Fagiani
Pool Specialist Consultant

FOr both privates and renters

The pool is an investment!

There are plenty of newspapers which talked about this topic and it actually it is like that: to build a pool is a safe investment not only talking about wellness and life quality but also in terms of economy and finance.

According to the latest market surveys, to build a pool enrich the house by 10-15% of its value; on top of that, this percentage may reach the 20% if the house is new and may also be 30% in case of villas. While regarding the rents market, the added value is something around 50% of the monthly payment.

So the cost of the pool is covered by the new house’s value itself.



We already talked about how an important factor it is to own a pool in the holidays rental market (click here). Both families with children and young couples desire more and more a location ensuring privacy and which lets you be free to move around during the rental period and when they choose they for sure take into account the pool to refresh in and to spend some relaxing quality time in.

This is ALSO true for the seaside towns, as, unless the house is literally facing the beach, the people usually don’t love to move around in their car or to spend many time in it carrying the children and all that stuff including towels, luggage and so on...

In short, the pool actually became a mandatory element, highly suggested also by the travel agencies, which are registering an increase of the rental of houses with a pool.



Nope, it doesn’t, don’t worry!

A house, to become a luxury good, needs to have some specific characteristics. They’re listed in the law “2 Agosto 1969 del Ministero dei Lavori Pubblici”. But it is not the pool itself the item making of a house a luxury good.

You can check all the details concerning this topic by clicking here.



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Now, if you’ve ever been concerned about spending some money on a pool for the economic aspect, you know you can stay safe!

The pool represent a long-term investment and it is absolutely positive as at personal level it offers plenty of physical, psychological and convivial perks, and talking about the practical aspect it also is a good investment for the house itself.

May the force of the Rhino be with you!