Elisa Vissani
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A total restyling that will leave you spellbound

Along the beaches of Marcelli - Numana, just next to the Conero, arises the “Conero Azzurro Village”, an oasis of peace surrounded by the green typical Mediterranean vegetation.

It’s where we handled the renovation and total restyling of two pools, heart of the fun and relaxing activities of this magical place, situated just in front of the sea [ Villaggio Conero Azzurro - www.coneroazzurro.it]



The main hiccup with old pools is dealing with the jammed dirt on the edges. Even though they were overflow pools, the structure itself was particular, as the fabric sticks out the top of the perimetral edge, creating a black waterline that needed constant cleaning.

Same story for the perimetral plastic grid, full of leaves and other dirty stuff full of bacteria. Also in this case they always had to clean it up.

The goal was to solve this problem at first, but also to enrich the pool itself by adding fun elements to enjoy as an user, and also to improve the esthetic thanks to a modern and elegant design.




The technical project is for sure one of our flagship. In this case we worked on the type of overflow of the new pools and on how deep the bigger one should be, which before had 3 different levels and we later on modified to a 2-levels pool: one of them 1.3mt and the other one 1mt, this one especially indicated for walking and let kids play without dangers.




Both pools went from being grid overflow pools to hidden overflow ones, where water disappears exactly beneath the edge of the pool, making it cleaner and minimal and eliminating the need of constant clean.

For what concerns the liner, we went for a natural-stone-effect PVC, which donates wonderful light shadows to the pool. In order to help people to enter the pool, we installed some entry steps and for both pools the first step was wrapped in non-slip sand.

We also installed in the smaller pool a heating pump, so to keep the water warm for kids and for the sensitive to the cold people.



The wide step on the long side of the bigger pool was enriched by 8 hydromassage nozzles, so that it is possible to relax and enjoy the perks of the massage itself.

The final outcome of the project speaks for itself: two wonderful, modern, elegant, easy-to-use and perfectly inserted in the surrounding environment pools.




To rely on great experts of this sector, with plenty of years of experience, is crucial if you care about the technical and esthetical results.

As you may already know, we evolved getting specialized exclusively in top-notch overflow pools, as these type of pools require skills and mastery way superior compared to the skimmer ones.

Our pools are just staggering. If you want to contact us, do it NOW by calling or filling the form. We are here to serve you and to install our next pool in front of your house!