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A construction signed 'Professione Piscina'

The overflow pool is elegant, a top notch product. It stands out, compared to the skimmer pools, thanks to its unique design that just catches your eye and pleases your senses.

That’s why our clients prefers them rather than the skimmer ones, without question. I mean, we’re talking about an exclusive product, targeted at people who love excellence.

Here’s an overflow pool built by Professione Piscina in the Province of Macerata.




Surrounded by the green of the nature, among the soft hills of ‘Le Marche’, outstands in the middle of the garden of this cottage our magnificent overflow pool.

Dimensions are the following: 5 X 15 m, with two different heights, one of them for diving. (130-180cm).

The entrance is made by angular steps and wide steps with hydro massage, where you can relax and regenerate yourself.

The fabric is anthracite grey, which gives the water an intense shadow, highlighting the reflections; a tone which is perfect for that Mediterranean landscapes, like our.

The LED lights, white and blue in this case, create a magic atmosphere during the night.

But the real cherry on the top is the three-sides’ hidden flow and the infinity one on the short side of the pool looking toward the landscape.




This kind of overflow has revolutionized the meaning of overflow.

The double-wall of the structure the pool is made of allows the regulation of the overflow level, making it adaptable when it gets modified by earthquakes or terrain movements.

That’s why the hidden overflow represents the best solution for all those regions affected by earthquakes, like our.

Esthetically talking, the pool introduces itself with a minimal design but elegant at the same time, the perfect solution for those who love the beauty of this lines.

In this specific case we suggested the customer to go for the hidden overflow on 3 sides of the pool and the infinity one for the short landscape-looking side.





The infinity overflow creates continuity among sky and ground, giving so a sense of infinity to the perspective.

As final touch, in order to get a better esthetic, the channel of the infinity overflow has been filled with white stones.



The touch of a real specialist is given foremost by his way of taking care of the details (not like the usual pool builder). There is no sense in having a pool in the middle of simple green grass.

The designing of the garden can make the general vision and the solarium space get a lot better, just as all the outside space. For this reason we decided to collaborate only with top notch landscaper (if you ask us to).

But if you already know an architect or technician you trust, you can be sure that they are going to find in us great and competent collaborators, able to find the most practical and functional solutions for the landscape.

Thanks to our 30 years experience we are capable to build magnificent pools, providing at the same time reliability and long-lasting warranties, to add to our efficient after sale service.


Landscaper Luigina Giordani

If you too desire a top-notch pool, in the middle of a dreamy landscape, just contact us!

And as always, may the force be with you!