Elisa Vissani
Public Relations Office

Our renovation in Cingoli (MC)

In Cingoli, a town in Le Marche hinterland not surprisingly nicknamed "The balcony of Le Marche" for its breathtaking view, we have carried out the renovation of this somewhat "dated" swimming pool.

Although it was built just 5 years ago, the structure needed a real makeover, including the 80's style look that really needed a new and fresh touch.

The swimming pool, built by one of our competitors, presented several problems and design errors that we had to solve during the renovation (if you want to see what critical issues were found click here).



The steel structure was rusted, therefore it was subjected to a complex treatment which consists of various phases: brushing to eliminate rust, application of a rust converter and, subsequently, of a further product that forms a sort of rubber sheath for additional panel protection.



The light blue pool cover, typical of the 80s and 90s, has been completely replaced with a latest generation one, anthracite gray, with a marbled effect for a more elegant and natural result.




The pool accessories, such as the masks for lights and skimmers, have been replaced with gray elements that go well with the new cover.


The old white pool edge has been eliminated and a more modern one in porcelain stoneware has been opted for in its place. The Roman staircase was also dismantled and replaced by a rectangular staircase with a first beach-step.



The end result is a swimming pool completely renovated in its critical parts, with a fresh and modern look, perfectly in line with the style of the house and the outdoor space.




"The swimming pool (built years ago with another company) was visibly deteriorating, some pieces were falling off, it was dirty along the walls and was very aged. It also had a blue liner, the same as they used to do time ago.

I was really tired of seeing an "ugly and worn pool", so I decided to renovate it.

A wise decision because in the end we got a pool with a modern design, the overflow skimmers that suck better than the previous ones, a more elegant and refined interior liner.

The beach area created at the entry point is really spot on and is used a lot to relax, sunbathe and unwind in the middle of the water.

We got along very well with Professione Piscina: the service was punctual and precise, the delivery times were respected and I consider the company very realiable.

We had a great time right from the Consultating: they showed us the projects, they perfectly explained the various sterilization and lighting systems, and the type of renovation we were going to do. In short, a complete and exhaustive Consulting.

The same applies to the work on site: all done well and flawlessly. We are very satisfied.

Having a swimming pool allows you to sunbathe, relax and be in peace without having to go to the sea in the height of summer or in August, when it is full of people and there is so much confusion. This is a great plus. Not to mention that you can take advantage of the swimming pool even for evenings and dinners with friends and family, as well as for birthdays and children's parties.

My advice for those who already have an outdated or ruined pool is to consider the idea of ​​the renovation, otherwise it becomes 'old' and you tend to use it less and less. With some work you can exploit it more and better. ".

Giandomenico Giorgi - Cingoli (MC)