After-sale service

Our after-sale service consists of two teams in order to provide the best service even in the busy Spring and Summer periods.

Several companies offer this kind of assistance, but only a few can carry it out as efficiently as we do!

Our interventions are timely, accurate and reliable. Our guys have a lot of experience on site and are able to quickly figure out what kind of problems they are facing, solving them smoothly. For you this means feeling safe, knowing that behind you there's "The Strong Rhino Team".

Our assistance also extends to the opening and closure of your pool, when we carry out all the necessary checks to ensure the proper functioning of control units, pumps, filters and all of the pool's technical components. Our operations also include cover installation and removal (depending on the season), without you having to worry about anything.

In short: The effciency and reliability of our after-sale service is just one more reason to trust us!


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