Accessories make the pool special by giving it a touch of originality and practicality that can make a difference in its everyday use. From heating to LED lights, from showers to water games, from the robot-cleaner to diving boards, from water blades to counter-current swimming, you can choose the accessories that you need and customize your pool.

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Entrances and Steps

The pool entry has an incredible variety of possible solutions: steps, angular stairs, beach areas, whirlpool corners... The choice is yours!

ingresso piscina a gradoni


The hydromassage zone is a wellness area where you can relax and enjoy the benefits of water massage. You can choose various solutions, such as a corner by itself or an integrated part of the pool.

idromassaggio scala romana

Water Blades and Waterfalls

Water blades, waterfalls, rocks and other special features give an original touch to your pool.

cascata piscina con rocce
cascate a bordo piscina
cascata piscina
lama d'acqua piscina

Diving Boards and Showers

rigid or wavy diving board gives you a chance to experience a funnier and more dynamic diving experience.

The shower is a common accessory for anyone who owns a swimming pool. You can either choose a classic model or opt for a particular solution where the shower becomes a real decorative and functional element within the architectural context.

trampolino rigido
doccia piscina
trampolino a onda
pool shower

LED Lights

Available in various colors, LED lights make the pool charming at night.

Spotlights have usually three forms: round (diam. 30 cm), small (diam. 10-12 cm) or rectangular.

piscina luci a led


In order to increase your well-being and sporting activity, you can add to your pool an exercise bike, treadmill to be immersed in the water or even counter-current swimming, while if you wish to have the ultimate in relaxation, you can opt for a beach zone with loungers right in the water.

cyclette da immersione per piscina

Telescopic Enclosures

The telescopic enclosure gives several advantages:

- it increases the period of pool use by extending it to the Spring and Autumn (by heating the environment, you can use it all year round); 

- the swimming pool is much cleaner;

- you can open or close it whenver wished.

In particular, high models allow you to enjoy the pool and its space in its entirety.

copertura telescopica
copertura telescopica piscina
piscina copertura telescopica
copertura telescopica bassa

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